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Same great Nature Clean products with a New Look!

We’re proud to unveil our new look!  We’ve changed our packaging to a simpler, cleaner, easier to read format!  Be reassured they’re the same, great, all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, Nature Clean products inside.

Nature Clean is about a great many things… protecting people’s health, safety within your own home, the environment and the welfare of our furry friends.  I suppose if we had to boil it all down to one word, Nature Clean is about the Future!

We designed our new labels to reflect this belief and the best way to artistically represent the future … is children!  Welcome to our new look.

In stores, beginning January 2008.

Name Changes:

We have changed the names of the following products. The formulas have not changed, only the name of the product and its size.

NEW name: Kitchen Surface Cleaner 946 mL

Old name: Kitchen & Bath Cleaner 700 mL

This product can be used on virtually all Kitchen Surfaces. Remember to test first on a hidden area, if you have a concern. Still great for use on bathroom surfaces!

Kitchen Surface Cleaner 946 mL
Kitchen & Bath Cleaner 700mL

NEW name: Microwave & Oven Cleaner 946 mL

Old name: Barbeque & Oven Cleaner 680 mL

This product is fantastic for cleaning & degreasing Microwaves, Conventional Ovens and BBQs!

Microwave & Oven Cleaner 946 mL
Barbeque & Oven Cleaner 680 mL

Look out for these new names in stores starting February 2008.

New Bigger Size – Same Price!

New Size

In addition to a new look some products will be undergoing a size change. 
It’s a bigger, more economical size, for the same great price!

The following products are being upgraded to a 946 mL size bottle.

Glass & Window Cleaner – Bonus 266 mL!  Almost 40% more product!
Tile & Bath Cleaner – Bonus 266 mL!  Almost 40% more product!
Microwave & Oven Cleaner – Bonus 266 mL!  Almost 40% more product!
Kitchen Surface Cleaner – Bonus 246 mL!  Over 35% more product!


Press Release

Press Release

11/2007 natureclean® is pleased to announce three new retail
partners in 2007.
11/2007 Love your family, love your health, love your planet®:
The natureclean® story.

clean®…Since 1963.

Offering non-toxic, environmentally safe alternatives for Household Cleaning, Laundry and
Personal Care products. Ours is a 100% Canadian, 3rd generation, family run company,
dedicated to providing safer consumer household products for over four decades.

All Nature Clean products are made without suspected carcinogens (cancer causing agents), petroleum based chemicals (or other non-renewable resources), or ingredients causing
harmful fumes or toxic residues that could be absorbed through lungs or skin.

EcoLogo Certified
Fully Biodegradable
Septic & Grey Water Safe
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