Nature Clean's Holiday Gift Guide 2011

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Yoga Lover's Gift Bag

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This gift could include a yoga mat, yoga wear, weights and towels. Don't forget to add some Nature Clean® laundry detergent and oxy stain remover to keep that workout wear looking and smelling great! Why not place all of the yoga gear in a tote bag made out of a recycled t-shirt? This gift can also be easily customized for the recipient's favourite activity, such as running, hiking, or biking.

Pamper Yourself Pack

Pamper Pack
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There's nothing better than spending a little time pampering yourself! Give this spa-inspired gift to a friend or family member who needs a mini relaxing getaway. Include healthier for you shampoos, soaps, and lotions from Nature Clean® so they can look and feel their best. Help them set a relaxing atmosphere right in their home with scented candles and a CD of soothing music. Add orangewood sticks, a nail buffing pad, pumice stone and other tools to get the perfect mani/pedi.

"Manly" Gift Basket

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The best items to include in this gift basket are a selection of Nature Clean household cleaning products! (Ok.... Just kidding!) How about some hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and other handyman-type accessories to create your own personalized toolkit? These gifts would look great wrapped up in a tool belt or small tool box - you could even decorate and customize the box with the recipient's name.

Kids' Stocking Stuffers

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Some fun ideas for stocking stuffers are kid-friendly personal care products like Treehouse™ by Nature Clean® natural children’s bath products. It’s a great stocking stuffer for moms and kids – moms will love how these products make bath time easier and can be rest assured they’re using natural, gentle and safe products. Kids just love them because they smell yummy and are fun! Other great gift ideas include homemade craft supplies like play dough, origami paper and instructions, homemade candy and baked goods. It is also always nice to receive a handmade gift like a warm knitted scarf or mittens. You may want to consider your child's favourite hobbies and create a themed stocking. For example, a child who loves to cook might enjoy kitchen utensils and recipe cards.

The Nature Clean® Team wishes you good luck in putting together great gifts for your family and friends. Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday season!

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